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The jury was given the case Wednesday afternoon following attorneys’ closing arguments. The prosecution told jurors Tsarnaev was a remorseless terrorist worthy of the death penalty, while the defense said he was repentant and deserved to be spared.”The defendant knew what kind of hell was going to be unleashed,” prosecutor Steve Mellin said.”You have a long way to go,” the judge told them before reminding them to avoid any outside information or discussion about the case overnight.Tsarnaev, who is 21, was convicted in April of 30 counts; 17 of them carry a possible death sentence. He was found guilty of conspiring and detonating weapons of mass destruction at a public event as an act of terrorism resulting in death.Jurors will complete a 24 page questionnaire that asks them to weigh “aggravating” factors presented by the prosecution and “mitigating” factors advanced by the defense before making a final decision on life or death for each of the 17 counts.Read the questionnaire [PDF]O’Toole earlier reminded jurors they have to be unanimous to return a death sentence and that no juror is under any obligation to choose death..

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Nursing homes around the country are routinely cited for lapses that imperil residents, from letting those with dementia wander off to not stopping elders from choking on their food. For years, advocates, researchers and government officials have worried about the overuse of antipsychotic medications that can put elderly patients into a stupor and increase their risk of life threatening falls. A national initiative helped reduce the use of such drugs among long term nursing home residents by 20percent between the end of 2011 and the end of 2014..

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Talk to someone about your feelings… And that was very much so based on sex and big scary diseases and didn at all get into nutrition, impact of exercise/activity levels aka the things that we can actually control. As far are your thought about 43 and 53 you were kind cheap canada goose jacket of spot on when you said things slow down in the mid 20 They do and you can stop it but keep exercising and eating right and you really can slow it down a lot. Also my own personal philosophy is that I hate the idea of “getting into shape”.

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uk canada goose Think my dad panicked, Anthony told CNN. Didn know what to do with me, and he took me to someone he knew, who happened to be his sergeant in his platoon, who (also worked) for social services. Already had an 8 month old boy and said at the time she felt she had everything she needed to raise another baby. uk canada goose

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